The Olympic Peninsula Chapter board is made up of the following officers:

President: Larry Lemon
Duties: Coordinates board and general meetings. Acts as spokesperson for club.

Vice President for Training and Education: Jamie Straw
Duties: Recruits demonstrators. Coordinates training seminars and special events.

Vice President for Public Relations: Jim Conway
Duties: Publishes newsletter, maintains website, arrange photography of show and tell. Provides promotional and recruiting materials.

Vice President for Membership: Larry Matkins
Duties: Maintains records of membership and dues.

Secretary: Vern West
Duties: Records minutes of board and general meetings. Oversees library.

Treasurer: Jon Geisbush
Duties: Maintains club checking and savings accounts. Disburse funds and keeps board informed of club financial status.

Sergeant at Arms:  Vacant
Duties: Arranges meeting place. Ensure orderly setup and takedown of seating and display tables.

Immediate Past President: Russell Neyman

The Board meets two weeks before the regular monthly meeting at rotating locations. All members are welcome to attend board meetings. Contact a member of the Board for information on the time and location of the next Board meeting; the meetings also are on our Club’s web calendar.


Other chapter members serve as volunteer staff. They include:
Jeff Brody, webmaster
Cindy Allen, special events coordinator
Jeff Childs, videography; Jeff Negley, Ray Ewing, Chuck Cook and Bruce Claiborne, camera operators
Stan Stumbo, audio engineer
Jim McFarland, librarian
Barb Davis, coordinator of glue and sandpaper sales