The Olympic Peninsula Chapter board is made up of the following officers:

President: Tim Larson
Duties: Leads board and general meetings. Acts as spokesperson for club.

Vice President for Training and Education: Roger Dunn
Duties: Recruits demonstrators. Coordinates training seminars and special events.

Vice President for Public Relations: Dan Holderman
Duties: Publishes newsletter, provides promotional and recruiting materials.

Vice President for Membership: Brad Powers
Duties: Maintains records of membership and dues.

Secretary: Denise Larsen
Duties: Records minutes of board and general meetings. Oversees library.

Treasurer: Larry Lemon
Duties: Maintains club checking and savings accounts. Disburses funds and keeps board informed of club financial status.

Sergeant at Arms:  Dale McDaniels
Duties: Arranges meeting place. Ensure orderly setup and takedown of seating and display tables.

Immediate Past President: Vacant

Board members at large: Sandi Swayzeeand George Kromka

The Board meets two weeks before the regular monthly meeting at rotating locations. All members are welcome to attend board meetings. Board meetings are listed on our website calendar. OPCAAW has published all Board meeting minutes since January of 2018.


Other chapter members serve as volunteer staff. They include:
George Kromka, Director of Classes
Russell Whitaker, webmaster
Vern West, librarian
Bill Grey, coordinator of glue and sandpaper sales
Ron Lucas, video director