Regular Meeting via Zoom - Ed Pretty: Beyond ABC

Regular Meeting via Zoom - Ed Pretty: Beyond ABC

July 29, 2020

The regular monthly meeting of OPCAAW will feature a demonstration by Ed Pretty, whose subject is "Beyond Anchor, Bevel, Cut: How to Become a Better Turner."

Ed is a Vancouver, B.C. area turner. On his website, he notes: "In the beginning I drew on my general knowledge and experience – sharpening, wood properties, general woodworking and machine tool theory – to help me understand woodturning techniques. Most recently I have been fortunate to learn directly from some of the best turners in the world. Because it has been a long, uncertain process to get where I am, I am very sensative to the needs of new turners as well as experienced turners venturing into new territory. I am myself always learning new techniques."

OPCAAW members can start signing on for our Zoom meeting as early as 5:30 to socialize. President Brad Stave will make club announcements starting at 6:15. A virtual Show & Tell presentation will start immediately thereafter, with the demonstration following.

All members in good standing will receive an email announcement with the link to enter the Zoom meeting prior to July 29.

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