Member Photo Galleries — A New Benefit of Membership

The club is offering a new benefit of membership: members who wish can promote their work through special photo galleries on our website.

Galleries will be available for members only. You must maintain your membership each year to keep your gallery displayed on the site.

Each member can choose up to 30 photos for their gallery. The photos must be submitted to the club as .jpg formatted image files. Photos need not be professionally done, but must meet some basic standards: the work in the photos must be in focus, properly lit and cropped to eliminate elements that distract from the subject. Photos should be high-resolution image files, at least 750K in size and at least 72 pixels per inch. Submitted photos that do not meet these standards will be returned to the submitter with an explanation why they cannot be used.

Any description or the name of the piece should be submitted with each photo.

Member photo galleries will have the same design as the Show & Tell photo galleries on the website. Each will have its own web page and a unique URL that the member can use to share photos with the public. Member galleries will not be restricted to members only.

Any member who would like to set up their own gallery of work can submit photos to the webmaster.

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