Slate of Officers for 2023 Announced

The Board of OPCAAW has received a proposed slate of officers for 2023 from our Nominating Committee. The slate is as follows:

For President: Tim Larson
For Vice President for Training and Education: Roger Dunn
For Vice President for Membership: Brad Powers
For Vice President for Public Relations: Dan Holderman
For Secretary: Denise Larsen
For Treasurer: Larry Lemon
For Sergeant at Arms: Dale McDaniels
For At-Large Board positions: Jeff Brody

Past President will be Brad Stave.

Club membership will elect officers and Board members for 2023 at the regular meeting on Nov. 30. Any other member who is interested in serving as an officer or board member is welcome to place themselves in nomination for consideration by the general membership.

The Board is also seeking members interested in running for the two unfilled at-large Board positions. The at-large positions are board members without portfolio — they have no specific responsibilities other than to serve on the board, determine our budget and act as a watchdog over our spending, and to help guide the direction of the club. At-large board members may volunteer for certain board tasks or be assigned to certain duties by the President.

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