The Adventist school (our home for nearly 35 years) must renovate the gym this summer and has to remove our storage area.
So…. the club needs to find a new home this fall.  Note that the June meeting will still be at the school and tentatively the July meeting as well.  There will NOT be a regular meeting in August but there will be our annual picnic at Larry’s home on August 10, 12-4 pm.

We, the Board, are asking for your help in finding a new OPCAAW regular meeting location.  We are already investigating some options but ask YOU to also check and let us know of any possibilities like churches, schools/colleges, heated warehouses, fraternal organizations & clubs or other meeting halls you are aware of, that might work for our group.  Vacant buildings and storefronts are not a good idea for us, as there is an increased risk of theft since no one is there on a regular basis.

Our requirements are:
– a meeting space for at least 65,
– approximately 150 square feet for storage, and
– availability for classes (power and space for 7 lathes).

If you have any suggestions, let us know and we will follow up with the venue.  This move needs to happen this summer so please send to us your suggestions as soon as possible!

Please contact Larry Lemon, Tim Larson or Mika Sinanan with your suggestions.  Thanks so much!

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David Ellsworth Sawbuck Plans

If you participated in the Jan. 25 online David Ellsworth demonstration for the Strait Turners you would have seen him refer to his home-made sawbuck.

Here is a link to the plans for the sawbuck that David showed as part of his demonstration. Lumber prices being what they are, you may want to see if you have some scraps that can help make up some of the pieces.


Our Organization

Our chapter of the American Association of Woodturners comprises more than 150 members of all skill levels and serves mainly woodturners who live in Kitsap, Mason, Jefferson and Clallam counties in Washington State.

Our more experienced members place a high priority on helping novice turners in a variety of ways including an official mentoring program, casual advice, and hands-on workshops.

Top regional turners such as Molly Winton, Stephen Hatcher, Art Liestman and Don McIvor and accomplished club members such as Tones Briggs, Norm Hix, Dan Marler and Brad Stave have conducted demonstrations at club meetings in the past few years.

In addition, the club has six lathes that allow us to offer woodturning classes once a month throughout the year and several times a month during the summer. The subjects of these classes are determined by member interests and your feedback. They have been extremely popular; nearly all have been filled within a day or two of being announced.

The purpose of OPCAAW, as stated in our bylaws, is to:

  • Promote the art and craft of woodturning in our community
  • Conduct regular membership meetings with suitable programs, activities and demonstrations related to the woodturning craft
  • Engage in other activities such as turning instruction or cooperative acquisition and use of the materials and tools for woodturning, and
  • Maintain a lending library for members.