Contact our Vice President for Membership for further information about the club’s membership benefits. Annual dues are $30 for individuals and $50 for family members (multiple members living at the same address). Join OPCAAW.

Members of OPCAAW enjoy the following benefits:


Mentor Program

We are fortunate to have some world class wood turners in our area. Some are artists, some are production turners, and some turn for the love of it. Some of them have graciously volunteered their time to help those of us that need extra help.

If you need a little advice to help you get something started, need a little instruction to master a new technique, or just need to learn how to do the impossible in order to finish a project, contact one of these Mentors.

George Kromka, (360) 373-1028, Bremerton
Jim Leary, (360) 297-5872, Kingston
Brad Stave, (206) 910-5459, Gig Harbor

Mentors offer support for OPCAAW members only. Access to our mentorship program is a benefit of membership and well worth our annual dues. Mentors volunteer their time and do not charge for support or lessons. But they are not responsible for extensive teaching that individuals may desire. If you seek more extensive woodturning training, you are encouraged to enroll in classes offered at nearby or national schools.


Library Access

The OPCAAW Library is provided at no charge to members. Its purpose is provide ideas, training and other resources to our members. We have a selection of books, videos and DVDs that members may borrow. The standard loan period is one month, from meeting to meeting.

We want to provide the best woodturning references available and are always open to suggested acquisitions and ways to improve our service.


Turning Supplies

Members may purchase sandpaper, sanding disks, mandrels, and cyanoacrylate (super glue) for discount prices at each meeting.

A wood auction is also held just prior to the demonstration at every meeting, with wood donated by members for the benefit of the club.  A silent auction is held when a chunk of raw material is spectacular enough to be the featured item and the finale of the auction.


 Club Merchandise

Members may order coffee cups, clothing, hats etc, emblazoned with the traditional club logo from CaffePress.