Just about any lathe can turn a bowl, and just about every turner eventually tries turning at least one bowl. The following videos explain the process of turning a bowl on the lathe.

The Basics

Milling wood into a bowl blank. Sam Angelo (11:06)
Different ways to mount a bowl blank. Reed Gray (28:20)
Using a roughing cut to level an out-of-balance bowl blank. Sam Angelo. (7:35)
A simple but elegant bowl for beginners. Martin Saban-Smith (36:20)
How to turn a basic bowl, Part I (12:09) and Part II (5:11). Richard Rafan.
Using a push cut to rough turn a bowl blank. Lyle Jamieson.  (6:15)
Finding the bottom of a bowl so you don’t turn a funnel instead. Reed Gray (1:18)

Twice Turning

Rough turning and drying a green bowl. Carl Jacobson. (12:57)
Turning a bowl from green wood, Part I (15:49) and Part II (13:31). Sam Angelo

Natural Edged Bowls

Turning the outside of a natural edged bowl. Lyle Jamieson (6:08)
Turning a natural edged crotch bowl. Al Hockenberry (1:01:56)


How to finish the foot of a turned bowl. (12:40)
Turning under the foot of a bowl to finish a bowl. Works for both natural edged (as demonstrated) and regular bowls. Lyle Jamieson (8:55)

Some Special Bowls

Bowl from a cube turned on a bias. Reed Gray. (24:53)
Turning a “banana bowl from green wood. Rudy Lopez (52:38)
“Capt” Jack Wayne’s handout on a Bowl from a Board