Pens can be anything from basic to incredibly involved, created using just about any lathe, using blanks cut from simple wood boards all the way to colorful acrylic creations.

Once you equip your shop with a few basic tools and accessories for pen making, you are well on your way to creating beautiful and functional items you can either sell or gift to family and friends.

Here is an online pen turning tutorial that offers a good, basic explanation of pen turning. There’s also a pen turning group on Facebook that you can join (you must request to join).

Pen Kits and Basic Pen Turning

Phil Gershwin’s video on how to pick the perfect pen kit to get you started with turning pens. (8:16)
Chad Schimmel video on beginning pen making. This video looks at pen styles, tools and how to get started. (10:07)
Step by step to turning a slimline pen. Video from Chad Schimmel. (19:42)
Pen turning 101. Rob Austin demonstrates the steps he follows to make a pen. (48;05)
Mike Wald videos on beginning pen turning.  Part 1 (9:10) and Part 2 (14:29)
Mike Wald’s video on pen turning tips. A few tips on overcoming some common problems when turning pens. (14:29)


Making your own non-stick pen bushings for applying CA glue finish. RJB Wood Turner (11:03)
Paul Jenkins definitive pen turning guide covers the whole process of making pens, but focuses on finishes starting at the 18:22 mark.
Using CA glue to finish a pen. The demo on finishing the pen begins at the 16:15 mark. SP Wood Art (24:18)
Finishing pens with CA glue. RJB Wood Turner (10:08)
A different approach to applying CA glue to pens. Sam Angelo tries using photo prints to apply the finish. (10:24)
How to finish a pen with CA glue and wet sand using Micromesh. Jim Haslett (23:52)

Specialty Pens and Pen Blanks

Making a pinecone and resin pen. Michael Zurcher. (11:11)
Corncob turned pen. RJB Wood Turner (25:03)
Making segmented pen blanks. RJB Wood Turner (15:15)