Once you finish turning a project, there is still a lot to consider as you approach the finished project.

No matter how great your tool control, there is probably going to be a need to smooth the final finish with sandpaper. Understanding the types and grit of sandpapers is important to your finished product.

Then there’s the actual finish … will you coat your piece with oil, lacquer, polyurethane or wax? Will you carve, paint, burn or otherwise alter the natural surface of your wood piece?

These resources will give you a sense of the possibilities and also techniques for finishing your work.


A Guide to Sanding, video by Mike Waldt (17:03)
A Guide to Sanding Follow-up, video by Mike Waldt (7:53)
Woodturning Sanding Basics, video by Mike Peace (20:01)
How to Sand a Wood Bowl, video  (25:25)
How to Power Sand on Your Lathe, Craft Supplies video (2:58)
Wood Turning Sanding Trick You Need to Know, video (21:05)
Sanding and Finishing Start to Finish, a video by Carl Jacobson (25:46)

Abrasive Grit Sizes
Vince’s WoodnWonders abrasives for turners



Here is Brad Stave’s handout from his January 2023 demonstration on coloring and embellishing.

Coloring and Embellishing a Bowl Rim, video by Jimmy Clewes (5:50)
Carving Textures and Patterns into Turned Bowls, video by Woodworkers Journal (6:43)
Woodturning Spiraling and Texturing, video by Robert Corby (15:17)
Textured, Ebonized and Embellished Wood Turning, video by Woodslee Summercraft (14:06)
A Pierced Bowl, video by David’s Woodturning (8:51)
Bowl with Pierced Rim, video by The Old Quarry Woodshed (16:46)
Cosmic Clouds Platter, video by Tim Yoder (32:55)
Applying Milk Paint, a Craft Supplies video (4:05)



Using CA glue as a finish. Article by Chris Simonsen.
Finishing for Woodturners article from the American Association of Woodturners
Six Finishes for Woodturners, article from Woodcraft Magazine
Five Quick and Easy Woodturning Finishes from Woodworkers Journal

Favorite Woodturning Finishes, video from Woodworkers Journal (11:11)
Woodturning Finish Comparison, video (6:42)
High Gloss Finish for Woodturnings, video by Stephen Sinner (17:08)
Blending Oil Finishes, video by Sam Angelo (22:06)