Class: Boxes 10/22/23

October 22, 2023



Boxes have been in the woodturner’s vocabulary for hundreds of years. They have been popularized in the contemporary woodturning movement by such international turners as Richard Raffin, Ray Key, Kip Christensen and others including our own Jimmie Allen. Turned boxes can be used for rings, pills, spices and all sorts of treasures or they can be stand-alone pieces of sculpture.


A goal of this class will be to set you on a path to discovery and development of your own style.

We have oft said that woodturning involves Process, Skill/Craftsmanship, and Design. Process is related to the steps required towards product development. A diagram of Jim’s process will be included in the class handout. Skill involves the proper use of your tools and continued practice. Proper box making tools and their use will be demonstrated in the class as well including alternate tools that can be used. Design can encompass all sorts of visual aspects primarily concerned combining of curves, form, proportion and tactile qualities as well as functional considerations.


Boxes can be all manner of shape and size. It is not mandatory that the inside shape reflects the outside shape or that the walls have to be thin and even. Not all boxes must have tight fitting lids. In fact, most boxes for salt, spices and similar kitchen items should have easily removed lids. In the class we will strive for boxes with easily removed lids that can be turned over without the lids falling off. Lid fitting is an essential element in box making.


Boxes may or may not contain finials, whether they are integral to the lid or added as an accent. Time permitting, we will turn a finial for our box in the class.


This class is not a beginner class. Participants should be familiar with end grain turning, basic spindle turning and drilling on the lathe. Bring your lunch, a wood turner’s smock or tight fitting sweatshirt, eye protection, comfortable non-slip shoes. The class will be at the Kitsap Adventist School, 5088 NW Taylor Road, Bremerton WA, starting 9 am (8 am setup) and ending 4 pm, with an hour for lunch. Cost: $40 for members and $70 for non-members, which includes materials.

Boxes, boxes, we have boxes...

For more information or questions contact: Jim Leary or George Kromka

Seventh Day Adventist School
5088 NW Taylor Rd.
Bremerton, WA 98312

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