Empty Bowl Challenge

All members of our chapter  are encouraged to bring in bowls you have made to respond to the Empty Bowls Challenge from a chapter in Tennessee. All the clubs in the Northwest have been challenged to produce 100 bowls for the fundraiser at the National Symposium in Portland this June. Funds raised by selling the donated bowls will go to support Meals on Wheels in the Portland metro area.

We’re part way toward our 100-bowl goal. Please remember to bring in bowls for this challenge during the upcoming monthly meetings.

Our organization

Our chapter of the American Association of Woodturners comprises more than 120 members of all skill levels from Kitsap, Mason, Jefferson and Clallam counties in Washington State.

Our more experienced members place a high priority on helping novice turners in a variety of ways including an official mentoring program, casual advice, and hands-on workshops.

Top regional turners such as Molly Winton, Stephen Hatcher, Art Liestman and Don McIvor and accomplished club members such as Tones Briggs, Norm Hix, Dan Marler and Brad Stave have conducted demonstrations at club meetings in the past few years.

The purpose of OPCAAW, as stated in our bylaws, is to:

  • Promote the art and craft of woodturning in our community
  • Conduct regular membership meetings with suitable programs, activities and demonstrations related to the woodturning craft
  • Engage in other activities such as turning instruction or cooperative acquisition and use of the materials and tools for woodturning, and
  • Maintain a lending library for members.