OPCAAW Members Can Now Have An Online Gallery of Your Work

We are offering a new benefit for club members: You can now have your own online gallery featuring photos of your wood turnings.

Your personal gallery is free of charge and will remain on our website as long as you keep your membership up to date. You can choose up to 30 images of your work for your gallery. Your gallery will have a unique web address that you can share with family, friends, customers and potential customers.

We will do the work to get your gallery posted, but you are responsible for supplying the photos that will be displayed in your gallery. If you have professionally done photos of your work, great. If you are taking the photos yourself, please keep in mind the following requirements:

  • Your work in the photos should be in focus and the photos should be sharp, with no camera shake.
  • Your work should be the only subject in the frame; work hard to avoid distracting background items or clutter. Prop up a white poster board behind your work to help keep your photo uncluttered.
  • To the extent possible, get up close. Fill the frame with your piece. There shouldn’t be a lot of extra space around it, but it should be able to be cropped into a rectangle.
  • Make sure the image is properly exposed, neither overly light or overly dark.
  • Make sure the image file is high resolution, at least 1 megabyte in size.
  • Save the image in the .jpg format
  • Name each image with your name and a number representing its place in the series of photos you are submitted. This will help assure we keep all the photos attached to the right person.
  • Submit your photos to the club webmaster by email. Attach no more than six images to each email and send them with the subject “member gallery.”
  • In addition, submit some biographical information to go with your gallery: Your name, your town, how long you’ve been turning, other information you wish to share. You can view this as something like an “artist’s statement” to accompany your gallery. (Here is an example of an artist’s statement)

Your photos will be processed and then uploaded to a gallery, which will be linked to from a special members gallery page on the website. We will work to get the new galleries posted as quickly as possible. If there is any problem with a submitted photo, you will be notified.

When your gallery is finished, you will receive an email from the webmaster indicating that it has been posted. The email will include a link to your gallery that you can share with others.

You are free to submit more photos of your work later if you have fewer than 30 images posted. Or, you can submit new photos to replace older work that is being shown in your gallery. Just make make it clear in your email that you are adding to an existing gallery (or substituting new photos for an existing gallery — and indicate which photos are to be removed).

Members’ galleries will be listed on the website in alphabetical order. There is an example of a gallery of Jeff Brody’s work on the site now.

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