Thanks to Cecilia Williams

Cecilia Williams, our Vice President for Membership, has resigned her position as she prepares to move to a home in the Atlanta area.

When Cecilia took over as our Membership VP our records were not in the best shape. We had several membership lists that conflicted with each other and could not generate a 100 percent reliable report on who was a member and who was not. She worked assiduously to get our records in shape, and supported the creation of a master membership list that has eliminated conflicts. She also spear-headed the creation of a new member packet to welcome new members and explain the benefits of OPCAAW membership.

Cecilia is a turner, carver and general woodworker. She has a workshop space all  planned in her new home. We wish her all the best and thank her for her service to OCPAAW.

In her stead, Board member Jeff Brody has been named to serve as interim Membership Vice President through the end of Cecilia’s term in December. As webmaster, Jeff has established the online membership management system that we now use to keep track of members. With the close working relationship between the web site and the tasks of the Membership VP, this solution seemed to make the most sense as a temporary solution.

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